Conjointly organized by the Environmental Center for Arab Towns, and the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), the Arab Virtual Week for Sustainability and Environment shall be held from: the 24thto 28th of October 2022.

This virtual week purposes to attain and realize the following goals and objectives:

- Keeping pace with the national and global agendas in the sustainability and the environment arena
- Having access to the best cutting-edge Arab and International practices in the domain of sustainability and the ecology.
- Initiation of a platform for dialogue backing and supporting the mayors of Arab towns, city planners,professionals and specialists to deliberate and dialogue on numerous challenges, as well as the upcoming prospects via knowledge sharing and information exchange with experts and the participating global companies
- Acquaintance with the up-to-the-minute technologies applied in Arab and international towns and municipalities
- Offering opportunities for collaboration and partnership between the participating entities and the interested actors.

Target Groups:

Mayors of towns, municipal administrators and governors - public policy makers- professionals and specialists-investors and private sector companies-international establishments involved in sustainability and the ecology-institutions and organizations of the civil society-universities and scientific research institutes.

Areas of Emphasis of the Week:

- Interpretations and overviews in the international trends, perceptions and indicators
- Development approaches and policies
- Productively applied initiatives, projects and practices that have received a notable local and international recognition
- Eco-friendly applications and green technologies
- Challenges, visions and projections for the future

It is noteworthy that, the Arab week for sustainability and environment comprises an extensive five-day program for undertaking discussion, discourse and acquaintance with the state-of-the-art technologies and initiatives effectively and successfully applied in the following domains:

Event Main Themes

Day Focus Work Sheets
Day 1
24 October 2022
Policies and Development Financing
- Overview on the status of the eco-friendly technology sector in the region
- Climate Change Policies
- Climate Change Financing
- Climate Change Facilities
Day 2
25 October 2022
Smart Cities and Municipalities
- Enablers and Potentials of Smart Cities
- Practices for Advanced Arab Cities
- Cities of Development Goals
- Case Studies from Advanced Arab Municipalities
Day 3
26 October 2022
Sustainable Management of Real Estate and Transport Sectors
- Smart Building Management
- Enabling the Clean Industries Sector
- Sustainable and Clean Transport Management
Day 4
27 October 2022
Circular Economy and Future of Energy
- Strategies for Circular Economy
- Reduction of carbon-hydrogen
- Alternative Energy and Alternative Fuel
Day 5
28 October 2022
Creativeness and Innovation in Energy Technologies
- Automation and Governance in the Management of Energy Networks
- Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in Managing the Energy Sectors
- From Transport to Networking